Garden Maintenance

Entrust the care of your plants to maintain its attractiveness, every garden needs timely and careful care.  our experienced professionals will design the perfect garden care program for you. Landscapes are beautiful areas where you can relax and enjoy the benevolent nature. In order to sustain our clients’ satisfaction, we at Green Lawn Landscape provide reliable Landscape Maintenance at an affordable price in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We offer complete garden maintenance service in Dubai. We work very closely with our customers that way our clients can learn the basics of gardening from our professionals. When we talk about garden maintenance services, it’s not just about planting trees and spraying pesticides there is more to that.

We take care of your garden landscape and maintain all parts of it from pruning your trees, mowing your lawn, to irrigation and plumbing. We will help you with almost everything.

The designing, maintenance and installation services are continuously supervised by our experts so as to ensure that specifications of the customers are duly met. To us, maintenance quality comes first and cannot be sacrificed at any point.

  • Garden Irrigation System
  • Garden Water Feature Works
  • Garden Trimming
  • Fountain & Ponds Repair
  • Garden Landscaping
  • Artificial / Natural Grass Maintenance
  • Artificial Grass Installation
  • Garden Tree / Flower Planting
Green Lawn Landscape 1-4 Maintenance
Green Lawn Landscape 2-4 Maintenance
Green Lawn Landscape 3-3 Maintenance
Green Lawn Landscape 4-3 Maintenance

We also offer garden maintenance services in Dubai such as:

  • Plant Healthcare: At Green Lawn, we believe in a holistic approach to garden care and maintenance.  Our goal is to plant and maintain healthy plants, so that they face less problems in the future.  By continuously caring for plants through all seasons, they become more adept to warding off serious problems. With our regular garden maintenance visits throughout UAE, we often address problems before they become a serious issue. Our gardeners are well suited to watch after and encourage your gardens growth


  • Pruning: There is no doubt that pruning helps with the aesthetic appeal of your garden or yard by eliminating dead, ugly or unruly branches or plant parts.  However, pruning services are an essential part of garden maintenance as it enhances the overall health and quality of a plant or flower. Our urban gardner’s are well equipped to prune your evergreen, perennials and annual plants.


  • Fertilizing: A main part of proper garden maintenance  is fertilization.  Our professionals apply fertilization applications in the Spring and Fall to ensure that your garden adequately absorbs the fertilizer and responds accordingly. We can also retrofit your drip irrigation system so that it automatically dispenses fertilizer with every watering session.


  • Seasonal Plantings: Blossoming flowers make us think of Spring.  However, there are plants that are intended for all seasons so that your backyard garden or landscaped rooftop can stay neat and beautiful through all  varied seasons. We always love summer annuals that will bring color throughout the warmer month, but bulbs can also be planted so that there are early spring flowers. We can also install more ornamental winter designs so that there is interest throughout the winter months.

  • Sweeping:  We pride ourselves on always leaving your urban garden clean and clear of any debris. On completion of our garden maintenance visits our gardeners will sweep up your pavers, wooden deck or natural stone so that you are all ready to go out and enjoy your  garden. We also can apply a soap solution to thoroughly clean up your outdoor surface.


  • Pressure Washing: Over time natural stone patios and wooden decks can become blemished with the growth of algae or other pollution can improve your outdoor space whether it be your townhouse backyard patio or rooftop deck. We can also restore your wooden outdoor garden furniture to the way it once was. An annual pressure washing should be apart of any  garden maintenance package.


  • General Outdoor Cleaning: Nothing detracts from the beauty, health and feel of a garden like overgrown weeds, debris and other eyesores.  Green Lawn performs general outdoor cleaning to ensure that your garden remains a beautiful, relaxing part of your home. Our gardeners are  happy to go beyond just the garden and we understand that a successful garden maintenance visit is both about the plants and the space.
  • Drainage: issues are often found in  planter box gardens. Often times drainage wasn’t properly addressed when your garden boxes were planted. If you see water pooling in your planter box or pot, you’ll need to act fast. We can assist with installing proper gravel drainage for your above ground urban garden. Our gardeners will need to remove your existing plants and soil to install a gravel base, filter fabric and fresh soil. Once finished your planter will allow water to flow at a much faster rate and drainage will no longer be an issue

  • Transplanting: Oftentimes rooftop and terrace gardens will require their potted plants to be transplanted into new planter boxes or be root pruned. We can assist with removing your existing plants and getting them safely into a new pot or planter. We will take care to protect the floor and upon completion we will reconnect your drip irrigation system.

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