Irrigation Systems

Our team provides custom designed and installed irrigation systems for a variety of lawn and garden spaces for residential, commercial and industrial clients. The benefits of irrigation systems are plentiful as they provide efficient and consistent deep root watering and can be programmed by a simplified control system or even from your smart phone with Wi-Fi technology.

We all know that our garden or landscape plantings, trees, shrubs, and flowers require the right amount of water at the optimal times of day to survive and remain healthy. However, finding the time hand water is difficult. Then we also want the optimal soil moisture levels for root growth and an established garden. Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting we offer irrigation system installation and maintenance services for rooftop garden watering systems, penthouse terrace garden drip irrigation, Townhouse rear yard landscape irrigation systems, and lawn sprinkler maintenance for properties and Metro area. We make special irrigation system installation visits to any city or state in the UAE.

Services Features

Landscapes and gardens can be big or small. Using little irrigation appliances for huge landscapes can prove non-feasible while installing tremendous irrigation systems for little areas is not economical either. Thus, at Green Lawn, you receive the best advice from our experts in terms of the special needs of your landscape and which irrigation system can sustain it best, from pumps to sprinklers.

We are hard at work creating functional outdoor spaces for all of our valued clients, but there’s always room for more. Please give us a chance to show you that we are the best irrigation systems green lawn has. When you call, you will see that we have customer service representatives that aim to make your experience quick, easy, and enjoyable.

Services for irrigation systems

  • Garden irrigation
  • Manual Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Irrigation Design
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Water Tank Installation
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Surface Irrigation
Green Lawn Landscape 1-9-landscape Irrigation Systems
Green Lawn Landscape 2-10-landscape Irrigation Systems
Green Lawn Landscape 3-8-landscape Irrigation Systems
Green Lawn Landscape 4-9-landscape Irrigation Systems

Working Process

Gardening is indeed a favourite pastime for us. With our busy and concrete lifestyle, Gardening is the only way that keeps us connected to mother nature. Gardening gives us immense joy, as we can see the shrubs and the flowers growing right from their tender stage till it completely shoots and lush into their green life. This literally gives us a sense of mortality which the living creatures have on this planet.

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