Green Lawn offers a full-service garden design to clients.

Green Lawn is a professional domestic landscape construction and maintenance service provider in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Green Lawn is an Italian company with over 30 years of experience and a well-deserved reputation in the national market. Our specialists are not just designers, gardeners and florists. Each person in our team is a professional in his field, doing work with Italian passion according to European standards.

Our team of lawn specialists utilizes their knowledge of lawn science and their skills of artistic application to create the perfect look for your specific landscaping scenario.

We understand that each property and client taste is different so we work diligently with you and your surroundings to tailor the best approach for meeting those needs.

Green Lawn has both the tools and the experience available to help you bring your landscaping dream to life.

Our services include four different aspects of gardening such as Vertical Gardens, Pots and Planters, Terrace Gardens and Balcony Gardens. We offer these services for both, Commercial and Residential Places. We are here to serve our customers from the starting of a project through all steps of design, planning, installation, construction and maintenance to make sure the design vision is achieved and continued by blending quality craftsmanship and well-defined client service. Green Lawn is a unique company where aesthetically agreeable as well as environmentally helpful man-made landscapes are shaped.

Gardening Design

It can be difficult to visualise how your garden could look and to work out where to put features and plants for best effect. Our role is to help you do just that.

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At Green Lawn, we take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs and budget.


Even the most contemporary gardens with clean architectural lines and strong bone structure need to be softened with beautiful planting.We prepare planting plans, numbers, spacing and plant care

We handle everything for you!
  • Full Project Management
  • Design and 3D Modeling
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Stormwater Management
  • Permits and Inspections
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Planting and Removal
  • Artificial Plants

Design consultation

The first step is to conduct a detailed site analysis and formulate a brief. This is normally carried out during a couple of meetings with our client.

Planting plan

The next stage is to prepare a detailed planting plan showing placement of plant varieties numbers and spacing and a planting schedule.


In most cases, our clients are happy to accept our recommendation about who should execute and landscaping and build the garden.

Why choose us?

Our team is sure that just as no two people are the same, no two gardens are the same. The main rule of our company is to work with an individual approach to each of our clients, their desires and needs.

With all the care for people and plants since 1986.

We are a professional team of Engineers and Horticulturists. We started this landscaping company to cater the Landscape Industry. We emphasize mainly on the Hardscape & Softscape part of landscape projects. During our time as landscapers and garden people we have executed big and small projects alike. The Green Lawn is a full-service grounds care company. Our established systems allow us to deliver industry-leading lawn care and landscape solutions to commercial and residential clients. Built on a family tradition of caring, we are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver client satisfaction

Our mission.

Our Mission at Green Lawn is to not only increase the value of our customers’ properties by designing, creating and sustaining qualitatively superior landscapes but also to implement projects that people envisage in their minds for their dream house, buildings, farms or gardens. We also believe in making this experience easiest, reliable and pleasant for our clients through the top-notch services we provide.

In the near future, we plan to continue our work towards making Green Lawn the finest in the industry, with aid from our clients’ trust and support. Each step at Green Lawn is taken to maximize the value of the investment of all individuals and companies. We envision a world where the Green Lawn family provides the most extensive landscaping services and solutions for every person who requires it.

Bring nature in your home.

We don’t cut corners to maximize our profit.